Learn the Process of Optimizing Your Writing
For Humans and Search Engines


The Workshop Outcome

You will know the framework for how to:

  • Plan
  • Create
  • Optimize great content

And we'll implement this in a way that both humans and search engines will like. This equates to better ranking in search, more website traffic, and greater website conversions.

The Ideal Student

  • Freelancers
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Marketing managers
  • Content writers
  • Bloggers
  • Website owners
  • Your team

Topics & Agenda

Day One of Training

Persona Development — This is the foundational first step that most miss. We start with identifying your target customer and documenting their needs, wants, frustrations, and problems. Once we know who you sell to and what they struggle with, we can better create content that resonates and converts visitors.

Topic Research — Next we'll pair our persona development with a keyword strategy and plan. We'll learn the best places for discovering keywords topics, we'll learn how to evaluate topics and phrases for search intent, and we'll wrap up with techniques for selecting like phrases and matching these phrases to content.

Day Two of Training

Outline Creation — Great content starts with a solid outline. In this part of our training, we'll learn how to craft a content outline that both humans and search engines will love.

Writing Content Briefs - In a perfect world, you have unlimited time to write your own content. We know this is not always possible and sometimes you have to outsource your writing. This part of our training will walk you through the process of writing a solid content brief that entices high-quality writers and produces excellent content.

On-page Optimization - Writing content is not the end of a solid content process. In this last stage of our training students will learn how to optimize content for readability, search engine ranking, and conversions.

Meet Your Workshop Training Team

Cory Miller

Cory Miller

Cory Miller is a passionate entrepreneur who believes in finding and maintaining work happiness while challenging you to do great things with your life. In 2008, he started iThemes, a pioneer in building cutting-edge web design software and training, which he grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise, and sold to Liquid Web in 2018. In addition to being a regular leadership speaker, trainer and writer, he is the co-author of WordPress All-in-One for Dummies (Wiley, 2011).

Rebecca Gill

Rebecca Gill

Rebecca has a well-rounded business background within SMB and enterprise organizations, as well as over fifteen years of experience in sales and online marketing. She provides SEO consulting services for clients, SEO coaching on Clarity.fm, and has a weekly podcast at SEObits.fm. Learn more at RebeccaGill.com.

Lindsey Miller

Lindsey Miller

Lindsey owns Content Journey which creates custom content for businesses. She spent 10 years in politics working with candidates to improve communication with constituents and voters. Her passion for making a difference in the world led her to serve as board president for the national organization, Free Mom Hugs. She has an extensive working knowledge of audience movements, data driven strategy towards content creation and SEO.

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